Yacht Supply is focused on improving the safety of those who take to the sea, and the efficacy of the safety solutions on board yachts.

The first innovative safety product that we’re able to offer, in conjunction with Research & Development partner Coppins,is an anti-capsize solution, designed for vessels experiencing difficulty.

The result is the floating anchor, a device which offers stability to vessels from super yachts to tankers, even in the most challenging of conditions.

The story of its development is below:

It began with a story that has become well-known in the yachting community. In February, 2012, the “Yogi”, a yacht that just a year before been named ‘Most Innovative” at the Cannes International Boat show, sank in the Aegean Sea.

When its French captain, Jean-Louis Carrel, broadcast his first SOS, he couldn’t have predicted that in just 7 hours his ship would disappear underwater. Following engine failure and damaged steering, the craft was thrown about by the waves, swinging violently from port to starboard. The force made it impossible for the crew to perform any repairs, or get to the lifeboats. The only sensible course was to abandon ship; capsize was inevitable.

Three years later, during a training session for maritime professions and safety, The captain and chief engineer of the Yogi gave a detailed account of this ordeal to Yann Delplace, himself a captain and trainer in marine survival at the INSEIT in Nice. For Yann, it proved to be a powerful lesson, highlighting how close those in the marine industry can come to disaster, as well as revealing a critical safety fault in yacht infrastructure.

“From this personal experience, I started to search for a solution”, Yann explained.

Building on his experience of ocean racing, Yann noted the presence of small-sized floating anchors on racing sailboats. These functioned by slowing the craft down should it reach a critical speed. Bringing this insight to the problem suffered by the Yogi, Yann imagined

“a floating anchor able to deploy itself from the front of a ship when it is no longer manoeuvrable…to keep it upright against the waves and swell, whatever the weather conditions”.

This innovative equipment is vital for yacht safety, and allows crews to respond effectively to critical situations.

To offer the product, Yacht Supply turned to Coppins, who produce a parachute floating anchor model made, approved by the US Army and used by the Australian Coastguard during rescue operations.

The floating anchor comes in a wide range of sizes, from 1 to 62 metres in diameter, and has the capacity to stabilise a small yacht or a 250m long supertanker.

Other Areas Of Research

Yacht Supply is currently working on other items of safety equipment, including enhanced life-rates, and highly-resistant immersion suits.

Our ambition is to be the leading provider of marine safety equipment to the yachting industry. If you’d like to hear more, or want to partner with us, then please contact un at info@yachtsupply.io.

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