Objectives: Yachting & Cruising Risk Management (YCRM) via its partner Business Security International Intelligence (BSSI) are offering to conduct in depth research on your yacht in regards of radio and video bugs with the upmost discretion. Our Convictions: Yachts represent a luxury and entertainment world, but for a wide proportion of yacht owners and clients, it is also a privileged working place. Therefore Yachts are becoming floating offices where confidentiality should be respected. Crew turnover and successive charters are factors, which could constitute vulnerability factors in terms of confidentiality, necessary to guarantee any professional or private sensible conversations. Accreditation: Our search material is certified and authorised by the SGDNS. The French authorities have delivered this special certification and authorisation to our partner BSII. All our missions are legal.  

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Yachting & Crusing Risk Management (YCRM) offers 3 courses dedicated to maritime security and open to captains, crew and private individuals. Courses covered by a former manager of the following services (DGSE, DGSI, DRM).

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Crew member turnover in the Yachting Industry is rather high; therefore Yachting & Cruising Risk Management (YCRM) can help you with your final decision on recruiting crew-members.

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